Sleep better after 3 months: I would NEVER have thought that!

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This page is a comprehensive review of the most effective sleep aids that I have found on the Internet. For each sleep aid that I have reviewed, I have put up a description, as well as links to the product reviews. I have also provided reviews of many of the same products in my book "The Sleep Engineer's Guide" to help you decide whether a sleep aid is right for you. Please note, this page is for the use by the lay person. It is not meant to be a reference for sleep scientists or doctors, or even by medical professionals. This page should not be used as a source of information on a particular sleep aid. Please see my other reviews of sleep aids for specific information on my own opinion of the product. I am writing this review with my own experiences as a medical doctor and sleep researcher, as well as my experience with products for better sleep. This is my attempt to provide an unbiased review of the products I have used. If I have been helpful in your sleep research, I thank you. If I have made a mistake or I am incorrect, please comment.

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Sleep Well

Benjamin Parsons

Once the conversation is about improving sleep quality, you rarely get around Sleep Well - what cou...